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What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a broad and cohesive set of applications that work collectively to run an entire organization (for profit or non profit) on the cloud. It includes more than 40 web applications, including mobile apps—under a single sign-on, with centralized administration and provisioning—making it a true operating system for any business. 

Zoho One has been a vision more than ten years in the making. You could even say that it’s been our life’s work and testament.

With Zoho One, we’ve put together all the applications an organization needs to acquire and serve its customers (marketing, sales, and support apps); run its operations (finance, recruiting, and HR apps); and provide all the tools for its employees to work collaboratively and get their work done (office suite, mail, personal productivity, and collaboration apps).

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Integrated Applications

Web and mobile apps for Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and everything else.

Smart Services

Out-of-the-box artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and more.

Customization Tools

Tools to integrate, extend, and create apps for a perfect fit.

Over 40+ Web Applications

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